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Sentra Vaksinasi

AUSCI CARE participates in the nationwide effort to inoculate people. Opening Vaccination Centre during the three vaccination periods from 2021 to 2022.

Marshall Meets AUSCI 2023

A mixer for current and past Trojans at Hutan Kota Plataran Senayan on March 17, 2023.

Asia-Pacific Business Forum 2022

Business Conference in Bali - Dec 2022.

ASIA-PACIFIC Business Forum

ASIA-PACIFIC Business Forum Get Global Insights On Managing Success In...

AUSCI Charity

Uniting the USC Alumnus through the magic of sharing.

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Game of Troy 2016

Mini 1-day olympic event created USC Trojans alumni.


Ausci Care is a community service program that aims to...

Relive Key Moments

AUSCI Program - Relive The Moment

Duration: 8:00