About Us

AUSCI stands for the Alumni of University of Southern California (USC) in Indonesia. There are over 200,000 USC alumni all over the world, including the US, and in Indonesia, there are more than 1,500 Trojans across our archipelago.
The USC Trojan Family network has often been mentioned as the best known alumni network of a US university, perhaps commensurate with the school’s alumni motto “Lifelong and Worldwide.”

As an alumni of USC, we are Trojans for life. And as USC has consistently been one of the TOP 5 international-students destination for higher education, the “worldwide” portion is, well, automatic.

So there you have it, Trojans are indeed Lifelong and Worldwide. In Indonesia, the USC alumni’s passion and love for our alma mater is transformed into the founding of Alumni USC Club of Indonesia (AUSCI) in 1996. AUSCI is an independent non- profit legal entity with our own charter and bylaws, and we exist to promote an active network of Trojans across our archipelago, as well as providing continuous learning opportunities through our “Trojan Talks Series.”

Through a partnership program with USC Marshall School of Business namely USC Marshall International Summer Internship Program (MISIP) since 2011, AUSCI has hosted many international interns and proudly present them as “Goodwill Ambassadors for Indonesia”. Although AUSCI is not a charity organization, we do believe that learning, and reading, is the best way to help the young generation of Indonesia. Starting with our inaugural Charity Ball in 2009, AUSCI had worked with the WIJABA (World Is Just A Book Away) foundation to build libraries in the primary schools of Indonesia’s impoverished areas. In late 2010, we formalized our library-building effort as “CerdasBang!,” with a goal of building 50 libraries by 2015. As of Dec 2013, AUSCI has built 57 libraries in 57 state high schools (SD Negeri) in Sidoarjo, Padang and Sleman – Yogjakarta. We also started the Game of Troy program to strengthen the bonds between all United States Universities Alumnae through sporting events. There is also AUSCI Care, the primary social focused activity, which focuses on improving the lives of our Indonesian communities. Also our highly popular Trojan Talk Series (TTS).

Our Vision

Our vision is put into action through a strenuous learning program, social camaraderie, infinite business link, and other limitless benefit that goes beyond excellence.

Our Mission

AUSCI provides an avenue for every USC alumni in Indonesia to engage into the powerful network of USC both locally and globally.

Organization Structure